About Me

Hi!  I’m Cindy, just a girl who always dreamed of making lotion.

Just kidding!  But it might make for a better story.  Let me know if you think it would, after you read my real story.

I’m a semi-retired engineer who is always looking to solve problems.  I also like to make things with my hands -- like wood carving and stained glass -- so my hands really take a beating.  For months, people kept asking me about my bandaged fingers and I always shrugged it off, saying “just split fingers.”  I figured there wasn’t much I could do, given how much work I do with my hands.  

My uncle, though, always swore that coconut oil could cure everything.  So one day, after I took some hardened coconut oil out from the fridge and watched it melt on my hands, I wondered about a solid lotion that would melt on contact in the same way.  I searched the internet and realized I wasn’t the first person who had that thought.  Oh well.

But then I saw that other people were tinkering around with the idea and decided to give it try myself.  I made my first batch and within days, my fingers were better.  The rough cuts on the undersides of my knuckles had become smooth.  Within weeks, my cracked heels also disappeared and putting on socks actually felt good.  (Yeah, I’m a mess.)  I gave some of my lotion bars to my neighbor.  He’s a carpenter and he said his fingers were horrible.  It worked for him.  And it worked great for his wife’s dry skin.  

Problem solved!  Now, I had never seen a lotion bar in the local stores in my town.  That’s when I decided to start Nothing Beats Mother Nature.  

I chose the name Nothing Beats Mother Nature because I believe that using quality, natural ingredients is important.  These lotions contain locally sourced beeswax - no chemicals or additives that can potentially irritate or harm your skin.  The scents are simple, too, and although I plan on tinkering with new blends, I promise I won’t make you smell like a spice rack.  

Most importantly, I want to make something that actually works, that solves problems and doesn’t cost a small fortune.  

So that’s my story so far -- a problem-solving engineer who now has dreams of making lotion bars that can finally get rid of that cracked skin! So stay tuned. This is only the beginning.